Seattle Ukulele Lessons


What are clients say about Filitaliana

Closet Musician to Open Mics

“I’ve kinda played here and there.  I guess you could say I was a closet musician.  Theresa gave a safe learning environment to make mistakes on the ukulele.  When I mess up with strumming, or words it’s not a big deal anymore.  The things we practice prepped me for stepping out into live performance environments.  Thanks a bunch!”

Finally picked it up!

“I bought a uke years ago.  Friends would come over and asked if I played.  I never did.  I tried youtube videos here and there.  Having someone there helped out a lot.  It feels like a jam session at times.  Thanks for the lessons.”

The kiddos love songs they know on the radio.

“Theresa offered popular songs that are frequently requested.  The kids love learning songs that they grew up to and songs on the radio.  They’re excited for lessons.  Thanks!

Ukulele Lesson Rates

30 Minutes               $40

60 Minutes               $75

8 x 30 Minutes        $300

8 x 60 Minutes        $550

* 8 session package rate is applied at beginning of purchase and must be used within a 10 week period.



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