Operation Encore and Filitaliana Coming to Mill Valley, CA

Join me and Operation Encore on April 27th 8pm at the Throckmorton Theater! I’m beyond excited to reunite with some amazingly talented veteran musicians from all walks of life. Some still serve, and some have continued on to pursue other ventures.
We will be performing a variety of genres ranging from rock, country, folk, and pop. I’m super humbled by this show, because we are not co-located. So, when we get together, the connection is instant and pick up where we left off. From the beginning, I’ve been humbled and grateful for the opportunity to professionally produce my music. I don’t think I would have been able to bring it to a point worth sharing on my own. For the guys at Operation Encore, I can’t thank you enough for finding me and allowing me to share the stage with you, represent my community, and my heart. I hope that in finding my work or having the chance to watch me perform will inspire others.

Filitaliana will be performing with Operation Encore artists from the debut album as well as new members with work in production.  Filitaliana will be showcasing her original tune, Your Lullaby, and two new tracks in production.

Operation Encore Show

Andrew Wiscombe

Check out Andrew’s work.

Operation Encore Andrew Wiscombe

Steve Wilson

Check out Steve’s solo work.  He’s also the front man for The Black Doves.

Steve Wilson Operation Encore

Doug Lane

The Real Doug Lane