Filitaliana Finalist For We Are The Mighty

Filitaliana is a Top 5 Finalist for We Are The Mighty’s Mission:Music

Check out Theresa Bowman’s contestant and ukulele feature.  Filitaliana represented Operation Encore as well as her roots in the Air Force, the AWACS community, Filipinos, Seattle musicians, and ukulele players.

Despite pulling an all nighter to get to Nashville, the USAA and We Are The Mighty Team kept the whole operation running smooth.  Filitaliana brought her Cordoba and performed “Your Lullaby.”  It is featured on the first Operation Encore album and is available for purchase in the store.

USAA documented a fast and furious 36 hours in Nashville to interview Filitaliana about where she is at musically and where she strives to be.  Votes can be made at

You can vote daily for your favorite artist.  The winner gets to perform at Basefest.  Also, for each vote, USAA will donate $1 to Guitars For Vets.

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