Queen Anne Open Mic

Ukulele Cover Performances by Filitaliana at Paragon for their Tuesday Open Mic Night Queen Anne, Seattle

Seattle musicians, where are the ukulele cover artists?  I’ve been in Seattle for almost 3 years.  Granted the first 2 years I spent traveling work work, so I was more of a spectator rather than a participating musician.  I finally planted my flag in the ground and did a Seattle Open Mic Night in Queen Anne at Paragon.

They do open mic nights on Tuesday evenings and offer a great showcase.  The regulars are awesome and awesomely talented as well as very inviting for people looking to put their art out there.  Pending travels and projects, this may become a regular spot in my neck of the woods to serenade acoustic pop covers as well as some originals.  I was able to do ukulele covers of No Doubt and Lady Gaga.  It’s always amazing when others join in to amplify your performance.  Once again, I was the token uke player, but look forward to more songs and showcases in the Seattle area.  Much love to Seattle Musicians!


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