Hi! I am Filitaliana.

Welcome to my story

I grew up playing the piano. Throughout middle school and high school I was in orchestras, symphonies and bands. It wasn’t until I joined the Air Force that I started sharing my voice.

I picked up the ukulele during my first deployment after my sister shared this wonderful instrument with me prior to leaving. It was small enough to take with me on my flights. I would serenade while airborne and to troops on the ground. What started out as funny cute covers to cheer up everyone turned into an outlet to connect and heal veterans.

I would start receiving requests from people on base to show up to their work place to sing to a lonely soldier going through a rough time, celebratory flash mob style performances, Skype requests for wives and kids, and location performances.

What jumpstarted my performances outside of Youtube and the military was working with a military music non-profit called Operation Encore. Since then, I’ve been able to connect with other non-profits that combine community and healing through music and performance.

After separating from the military in 2017, I wanted to still serve in some capacity where I could be an example of sharing my art and thriving after my service. I think many put a lot of themselves on hold and a lot happens when we wait for the day to get to the things we said we would do.

For me, I have many influences but tend to write acoustic pop genre music featuring the ukulele and piano. I enjoy doing unsuspecting pop covers on the ukulele and perform around the greater Seattle area when I’m not working with veteran non-profits.

Thank you for your support. Each stream or download goes back to funding non-profits and veterans.